Introducing the West TN Culinary Tourism Map!

Culinary Tourism Map   We are very honored to present for your dining pleasure the brand new West Tennessee Culinary Tourism Map!  It highlights over 100 restaurants in West Tennessee from catfish houses to bbq joints to Mom & Pop's and meat & threes.  We think you'll love discovering these culinary gems.  We couldn't have possibly named all the great places to eat in West Tennessee but we hope you'll be inspired to take a road trip down the country roads and small towns that make the South so wonderful to explore. This map covers regional foods such as BBQ, catfish and Southern cooking.  We think we've provided a great starting point for your culinary travels.  Due to space limitations, we did not include Memphis & Shelby County but it does include all other 20 counties in West Tennessee.

How did all this start and why did we chose to do this project?  Our CEO and his wife ~ Clark and Juanita Shaw ~ attended a culinary tourism symposium in Louisiana last year.  They are very passionate about Southern food and Tennessee tourism.  The meeting was sponsored by the International Culinary Tourism Association.  They found it very  inspiring and on the way home Juanita suggested creating  a map highlighting restaurants such as the ones on this map.  Clark is our visionary and set about to design the map.
   Armed with a list suggested by Clark and Juanita and kitchen manager, Jeff Hale, Clark's sister, Deborah, conducted the research involved in the following months.  Design work was finalized and we partnered with U.S. Foodservice to sponsor the map.  We are most appreciative  of their support. 

We truly believe in "Eat Local" and  supporting locally owned family restaurants like ours.  Please feel free to print the map at the link above and enjoy discovering West Tennessee culinary treasures for yourself!   

NEWS:  We are delighted with the article about the Map that was published in the Jackson Sun newspaper on Wednesday, February 18th.  We are most appreciative to the Sun and to Lane Gardner Camp who wrote the article.  It is wonderful!  Click on the link below:

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